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Retro Clock and Glowing Lights

2 minutes

Fresh air breathing

Step outside or open up the window and take five or six deep breaths, breathing in the fresh air and filling your lungs with oxygen. The greener the space outside, the better.

Try 4,7,8 or box breathing if you can!

*Tips on practises can be found by clicking on the image below.

Snowy forest

Make your favourite drink

Sounds so simple but making your favourite drink or adding a little extra something to your normal cup of tea, perhaps a slice of lemon, some cinnamon to your milky coffee or a sprig of mint to your water bottle ~ there’s something about this simple act that awakes the dopamine, Try it!


The Raisin exercise

Yes it might sound silly and for those of you that don’t like dried fruit you can swap it for something else but this exercise is perfect for refocusing and being mindful, check it out!

Image by Syed F Hashemi

Take a stroll

Ok it’s only two minutes so you can’t go far, but getting up from the desk, the sofa, your bed and taking two minutes walk, even just round the office or house can sometimes be enough of a reset. If you pass anyone, even a mirror - be sure to smile, they’re infectious!

Smiling Baby
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