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The Irony ~ 2:13am

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

As I sit at 2:13am the night before the soft launch of PALS new website I don’t procrastinate but I do ponder; ponder the irony that throughout the process of building this website I have quite possibly ignored my own advice on being present, limiting stress, have excellent quality sleep and doing yoga to take time out from the screen.

What I would say is that, honestly, I have used exercise as my time out and it, as expected, has certainly helped with the concentration when I’ve returned for my ninth hour of the day at the screen. I have also been trying to cut out too much coffee but today saw me have my first ever ’post 7pm’ coffee, espresso martinis certainly not included!

As somebody who could barely turn her computer on to start a teaching day due to her novice approach to technology, I can safely say if it were not for the passion I have for hitting the ground running with PALS, then I would not be writing this ‘blog’ today.

Here is to hoping I can practise what I preach the moment PALS has lift off!

Thank you!

My sincerest thanks for taking the time to read this post & I hope you enjoy and continue to utilise everything PALS has to offer.

The more we talk the more help ~ Spread the word!

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