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Our online learning services allow PALS to deliver training at a time that suits you. Training consists of presentations, group discussions, break out rooms, individual tasks and key note talks. It is safe space in which you and/or your team are able to learn more about mental health and wellbeing, specifically tailored and created to target identified areas for development, to not only educate but also make it easy for all to implement both in and out of the workplace. 

Training topics include:


  • Mental Health Awareness

  • Recognising Ill Mental Health

  • Mind matters: Burnout

  • Happiness Creations

  • Self-Care & Self-Compassion

  • The Art of Communication

  • Building Resilience 


Our workshops are a fun, sharp and interactive way to learn more about every day strategies and techniques we can master to nurture our mental health & wellbeing. Much like our online training, each session introduces innovative and easy tools that can be utilised both in and out of the workplace.  

This in-house experience allows for a personal, yet equally effective, teaching method, encompassing active learning and a hands on approach. We offer a variety of themes for our workshops, and ensure they are specifically tailored to your team, based on your requirements.


Offered online or in person, our focus groups give you the opportunity to bring specific attention to particular issues or topics experienced by groups. Common focus groups include, leadership teams, management, gender specific, new starters and Human Resources. Within these groups we can asses and collate a suite of topics that require discussion and training. Session topics are decided upon, by each group and can be extended or reduced based on the how the sessions develop. 




John Wilson


“You have a fantastic vision and mission and I can see you are already on the way to achieving great things. Clearly mental health and wellbeing among young people is at crisis point, especially post pandemic and we need people doing this type of work in our schools.”


Cyber Security Expert

“I was not in a good space. Work, home and social life was a mess. I can really recommend a session or 10, it really makes a difference, I am in an open space now

Anna Hammond

Head of Finance

“Learning how to recognise signs of burnout or ill mental health in both my colleagues and my friends was an invaluable lesson that I am now practising every day’
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